The global debt crisis is escalating further

The global debt crisis is escalating further, not only is Greece owed huge sums of money. Below we list 24 countries that are facing a debt crisis. There has been so much attention in Greece in recent weeks, but the truth is that Greece is only a tiny part of a never-before-seen global debt bomb […]

Loan for pensioners

  The demographic development shows: The average life expectancy of women and men is increasing steadily. It is no wonder that the credit supply has also increased steadily in recent years. There is now a large selection of loan and credit options for retirees who can thus fulfill many a long-cherished dream when they retire. […]

Debt rescheduling loan

  Even if it is not easy to get a cheap debt rescheduling loan for the unemployed, it is definitely worth it. With such a loan, the financial situation relaxes significantly, making it easier to get along with the low income. If banks are unwilling to provide a sufficient debt rescheduling loan, those affected have […]

The best loans to finance christmas

It is possible that we have been saving all year, controlling what we spend and looking for offers wherever we could in order to save a few dollars. But the truth is that, with the entry of Christmas, the savings are over. As these dates approach, gift shopping, dinner with friends and business lunches also […]

Debt consolidation: what it is and how it works?

The debt consolidation loan is an instrument introduced in Italy by decree law 212 of 2011, in order to avoid the over-indebtedness of Italian families. It is a form of financing that collects all the loans in progress in a single monthly installment, lower than the sum of the individual bundled installments: a solution that […]

Questions on Retired Loans

Loans for pensioners are requested by those who have a retirement pension with which they can guarantee the repayment of the loan. These loans are granted to pensioners who are within a certain age on the payment date of the last installment (usually up to 75 years, even if there are financial companies that provide […]

Debt Credit and Save

In the case of debt restructuring, an existing loan is replaced by a new one. Whether installment loans or mortgage lending – borrowers can currently save a lot of money by rescheduling existing loans.   Debt credit now and save Who doesn’t have it? Plans, dreams and ideas. In order to achieve this, money – […]